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Your Needs, Our Solutions

We are a group of professionals enthusiastic about new trends in technology, design and communication. The web is our passion and so are services and apps. The mission is to provide a solid cloud-based ecosystem with the best power-price ratio.

We specialize in solution design of new problems, to push the technological and creative boundaries by keeping in mind that everything is made for people. If you are looking for a unique solution, want to simplify company's processes or just have a problem that others described as non-solvable, you are on the right place. Fine Fox is your partner of choice.

Digital Solutions

Our technology enables you to build and run consistent and reliable ecosystems for your applications and services. Our whole communication structure is based on API-calls, which gives you the freedom to choose the project technology that fits you best. By using our cloud you have access to lots of existing standard functions as well as tailored functions only made for you.

Standard Function Set

Our Cloud offers a rising variety of standard functions you can apply to your own projects. Right now our portfolio consists of CDN-, SingleSignOn- and SessionState-functions. A unified and transparent access allows you to use the same functions and data pools within all your projects. None of our cloud services is either bound to the chosen project technology or to the projects location.

Tailored Functions For You

In addition to our standard function set, we build custom functions for our customers that run inside the cloud. This gives you the ability to access tailored custom functions in the same way you would access standard functions.

All In One Cloud Projects

You are interested in a holistic solution for your web or app projects? We will be happy to implement everything for you inside The Cloud. If you are already a customer you will still have access to all standard and special functions as well as your data pools.

Always At Your Service

Alongside and inside our cloud-API we develope sustainable web-, app- and software solutions.


As web technology professionals we use both modern technology standards as well as common Open Source Systems like Typo3, WordPress and Magento. Our strength lies in our broad knowledge and flexibility so we can provide you with standard and tailored solutions.


As app technology developers we know that "mobile" sets the modern standards of technology. Our key to succes lies in creating a great multi-device user experience on iOS and Android devices. By using The Cloud-API, apps on different devices can share the same cloud-based functionality across system borders.


As coding experts we are used to cross the borders between system- and web-orientated software languages. We boost your projects with sophisticated code and strong technology. Our skills include code creation in Java, C#, C++, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Holistic solution

Do you need a holistic approach consisting of designing of hardware devices up to cloud-based ecosystem?

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Have we inspired your curiosity - and would you like to find out more about our products and services? Please do not hesistate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you.